Utah Treasures is dedicated to following the stories of lost gold, buried treasure and Spanish mining in Utah.  

Many books have been written on the subject but within them there have been several misleading comments, photos and even some out right lies published to make them more entertaining.  We strive to clarify these mistakes and help you to see the true history and wonderful mysteries that Utah holds.

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"Golden Rhoades"

"Golden Rhoades" - the Historical Hunt for the Legendary Lost Rhoades Mines. This film superbly documents the epic search and potential discovery of one of the largest hidden treasures in America. A secret cache believed by many to contain a wealth of gold and natural resources; it has been suggested that the mines may contain an abundance of riches that could cover the national debt. The Rhoades Mines' protected location is believed (speculated) to have been provided to the Mormon church by the Ute Indians in order for the church to survive its difficult pioneering into Utah. The film delves into the myth, fact, and fiction surrounding an amazing tale of adventure, treasure maps, mysterious deaths, and intriguing characters. It provides details and clues to the mines that have eluded thousands of prospectors for over one hundred and fifty years. The film was shot (much in confidential locations) throughout the vast Ute Indian Territory and surrounding Utah Rocky Mountains. (watch all 10 consecutive clips of this exclusive special full length feature documentary release).

Pelican Point

This article tells of an old mine that was discovered in the late 1800's at Pelican Point (West side of Utah Lake). Could it be an old Spanish mine?

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