Diamond Fork

Spanish Mine

Shaffer relates a story in his book "Out of the Dust" regarding this old mine discovered in Diamond Fork. 
This is the entrance to the lower drift.
Looking down the inclined drift just inside the entrance.
Strangely enough there is a quarts vein running perpendicular to the drift, but they were obviously not very interested in it since the drift continue right past it without any excavation.
The floor at the bottom is filled with dirt and rocks. Since this mine is solid conglomerate, then any dirt would have had to have been hauled in.
This is the entrance to the upper mine drift.
Just inside the upper entrance the mine continues to the left while the hole to the right is a skylight into the lower drift.
Looking back up at the upper entrance.
The upper drift is only 25-30' long and ends in breakdown and fill.

Unfortunately Rhoades never found anything at this location, but rumor has it that several gold bars were uncovered here not too long ago, and judging on the recent hole dug just above the mine (see image below) then the rumors could very well be true.

Sun Face
Steve Shaffer also wrote about the mysterious sun face in his book "Out of the Dust".

When I visited the "sun face" the first time there was no additional carvings around it, but in a more recent trip someone had carved a moon to the right and a little above the sun face.

It is known that the Escalante expedition traveled through Spanish Fork Canyon but the sun face does not appear to be of Spanish Origin. I believe it could very well be a Ute or other local tribe petroglyph; but I have heard others speculate it could be much, much older.

Spanish Cross
This cross is located across the river from the sun face. With the canyons history, this could easily be authentic.


Anonymous said...

Are property was just east of that ,right over the mountain never was that open it was hidden by trees at the time and someone open it up when they found it. and ive been down in both mine shafts seen all this in person.the scarything was we went down with just a lighter and we kick somthing and took the litghter and found out it was a dead mountain lion.so glad to see this.i have pics of me standing by it.

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