Lost Josephine of Wallsburg

This is an old Spanish mine and had been abandoned by its workers because of Indian troubles. The Spaniards stored their treasure inside and sealed the mine up with boulders in hopes of returning shortly to retrieve it. Many years later a young Spanish man came to Orem to work and search for his great grandfathers mine. He had with him a goatskin map showing the location of the mine, but with limited knowledge of the area he was unable to locate it and returned back to Mexico. A few years later a man by the name of Mecham, stumbled upon it while searching for his lost horse. The mine was still sealed with boulders, and once inside they discovered a wall sealing off the rest of the cave. After tearing that wall down an extensive search of the mine was done and no treasure has ever been found inside.

There are three entrances in this photo, with several others around the hill.

The lowest tunnel is typically filled with water until late in the year.

This cave is relatively pristine except for some charcoal writings done in the early 1900's.

Most people miss the natural cave when visiting this mine. Luckily the entrance is easy to pass by which has really helped to preserve its beauty.

A rare opportunity to see the crystals actually forming in this bead of water.

It really does look like you are crawling through the insides of an animal.

Several old symbols can be seen along the trail to the old mine.
This is a typical Spanish "Smelter" symbol.


chumly said...

Thanks for sharing natures beauty and mans need to write on nature. Beautiful photos.tnrgpq

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