Pole Creek

Pole Creek Sink Mine
Gale Rhoades filed a mining claim here and opened up a large tunnel following an old vein once worked by the Spanish. The tunnel goes in about 10 feet then turns and parallels the cliff face where the tunnel wall collapsed and created a window into it. From there it continues another 20 feet or so to a dead end. There is an off chute the heads further into the mountain before it dead ends, but that tunnel too dead ends only 15 feet back.

The entrance is on the left. The hole on the right is a window into the mine which is paralleling the cliff face.

There is a lot of water running down this creek. It amazes me that the water is able to sink out of here as fast as it comes in.

This is the current claim marker for the "Golden Phoenix".

Gale published these maps in his book "Lost Gold of the Uintah".

Calcite Mine
This is the "Calcite Mine" which is actually a natural cave. It goes back about 15 feet to a vertical drop of another 15 feet. From there it angles down a good 30 feet before it is filled in with debris.

There are a lot of quartz crystals covering the walls just inside the entrance.

Looking down the vertical drop. I was able to down climb this section, but would not recommend doing so. Bring a rope and harness to safely descend this pit.

There is an old ladder down there but it is not tall enough to use to get out without some good climbing skills. Behind it you can see the cave continuing down to where it is filled in.

There are only a couple of calcite deposits and formations in here. Not a decorated cave to say the least but a fun one to explore.

This is the smelter along Pole Creek that the Spanish used to refine their ore.  There are two others close in slightly worse condition. Typically a smelter is built within a few miles of two to three working mines.


This symbol is indicating a mine in the sink area. The symbol appears old, but no more than 100 years.

It appears that Steven Shaffer has explored this area as well. He is the author of "Out of the Dust" and "Of Men and Gold".


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