Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon was the main route for the Spanish to access the Western Uintahs, and should be a great area to search for old mines and symbols.

Looking from Timpanogos towards Cascade. Bridal Veil falls is at bottom center.

Hidden Mine

This mine is located not far off the main jogging path up the canyon, but is nearly covered over.

Once inside it opened up enough to walk through with no problems.

This mine was not very wet, but a lot of calcification has built up over the years. Not many early 1900's mines have this kind of growth in them.

The mine came to an abrupt ending at a sulfur dirt floor.


These pictographs are located on the Timpanogos foothills, not far into the canyon. Definitely worth the hike to see.

My one and only Indian Axehead. Found up Provo Canyon, not far from these writings.

Cascade Pictorgraphs

These pictographs were found on the Cascade side, and were easy to miss since they are so faded.


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What were they mining in the provo mine that abrubtly stopped? That is a strange mine.

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