Water Canyon

I cant tell what the figure on the right is. If anyone has an idea, feel free to leave a comment on it.

This one has been preserved better as it is protected from the elements a little more than the others.

These pictographs are very faded and hard to see next to the red spray paint. They seem to show a long line of animals, which could represent a Spanish pack train heading up Spanish Fork Canyon, the main Spanish trail into Utah County.

There is an old mine just below these pictographs. It is filled in, but with the writings directly above the opening, I wonder if the mine was originally Indian?

Looking down canyon from just above the pictographs.


Anonymous said...

As far as i know indians didn't mine.

Ninja Scott said...

I have been up there a number of times. The pictographs were much better a few years ago.. They show a pack train hading into a cave then back out larger or full of ore. At the top of Water Canyon is an old Spanish Mine. It is commonly shown on many Topo maps. I am interested in heading up there this spring to see what I can find. I bet there are other mines in the area too.

Spencer Coles said...

There are several old mines in that area. Most of them re-worked by the owners of the Dream Mine, but a fun place to explore none the less.

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