Slate Canyon Mine

There are several old mines in this canyon. While exploring we stumbled upon this old mine cart and rail. We started to dig it out, then thought, who's going to pack it down? So it's still there if you want to go look. An acquaintance of ours once found an old mine above the canyon that he would pull gold out of to pay for his semesters at Brigham Young University. He moved away and we never got directions to the mine, but I'm sure its there if your up for a hike!

This is the entrance to the mine that used to be home to the old cart. It is very dangerous and the opening could fall in at any time if it hasn't already.

Standing on top of one of the many cave-in's and looking back down into the main tunnel.

This room was created from a cave-in. As you can see, you would not want to be in here when another portion of the ceiling came down.


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