Treasure found

A good friend of mine told me of two men he ran into camped near the beaver ponds below Moon Lake about 3 or 4 years ago. After seeing them camped in the trees off the main road for months he decided to stop and talk to them. They explained that they had been following a series of symbols from the old Spanish Mission on Rock Creek, over Towanta Flat to the ridge behind Twin pots where the last symbol was that they have been able to locate. They explained that according to the symbol the distance and direction indicated was very close to where they had been camping, but with no success at locating another symbol. He explained to them that the Spanish would stop leaving trail markers when they were close so that others would not be able to walk straight to their mine. He left encouraging them to keep searching.

There has been rumor that two men had discovered a large cache in an area just south of Moon lake. As they tried to sell their loot on the black market the contact they made was in fact an undercover FBI agent. These two men have now lost their loot and are spending time in prison for theft of government property. Anything that could be considered an artifact and is found on state or federal land must be turned over to the proper authorities for a pat on the back and a small finders fee if you are lucky. But hey, still better than prison!
If this isn't the same two guys maybe the cache near Moon Lake still awaits to be found?


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