West Mountain

There are rumors of old Spanish mines and caves along West Mountain in Utah County. This is a very steep, dry and dangerous mountain due to the high number of rattle snakes present. While exploring an area on the West side of the mountain we discovered a cave that was blowing warm air similar to how the geothermal caves of the west desert do.

The cave is vertical at the entry but is downclimbable without rope. From there the cave winds through a series of tight crevices.

Following the first crack East lead to a dead end, and on the West end of the crack we found...

A very small hole!

It is a good thing I am small.  After a very tight squeeze we were able to work our way down another 20' - 30' to a floor with a hole too small to fit through. This cave was obviously not a place that the Spaniards could have stored any treasure.


As we continued to look around we discovered an old tailing pile and a collapsed shaft lower down on the hill. This could have been one of the rumored old Spanish mines, but there was not enough evidence to draw any conclusions.   

There were a few other small natural pockets in the area that were too small to get into.  This hillside deserves some more exporation when the opportunity arrises.


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