Farm Creek (Hanna to Rock Creek)

Red Narrows
The red narrows along Farm Creek are a part of many treasure stories that I have read but remain on private property and trespassing there is taken very seriously.  Without the ability to really search this area, I can only share a few stories from the books and some photos from a friend that who has had permission to explore the area a little.

George Thompson published a description of the old trail going over Farm Creek in his book "Faded Footprints" pg. 52 and 53. 

"Back in the early days of Thomas Rhoads and Chief Wakara, the Farm Creek Trail went East from the present site of Hanna to the Red Ledges, and from there followed the Main Fork of Farm Creek, not the Right Fork as the present road does.  It turned northward through the Red Narrows, also called the Red Gatein some waybills or the Red Spot on some old maps.  The trail continued up the canyon past Round Grove, where it turned up canyon past Round Grove, where it turned up Rough Canyon, known to old timers as Sink Canyon.  It crossed the divide on the south flank of Farm Creek Peak and passed through the 10,000 foot high McAfee Basin.  From there it turned down Dick Hollow to the old Hathenbruck Crossing on Rock Creek, located just downstream from Mount Albert."

     The Red Narrows of Farm Creek.

In the photograph above you can clearly see the stepped ledge on the right hand side of the narrows as shown on a map published by Gale Rhoades in his book "Lost Gold of the Uintahs".
The photo below is of the twin knolls shown in Gale's map.
     Image courtesy of "a friend"

There is no mine or treasure here as Gale suggests, but there is a monument (see image below) that again points the way to another monument that marks the path along the old Spanish trail up Farm Creek.
    Image courtesy of "a friend"

Maybe these monuments lead to the gold shown in a map (shown below) drawn by Caleb Rhoades in 1905. (Published by Gale Rhoades in "Lost Gold of the Uintahs")

The following was again published in Gales book and depicts the Red Narrows area.

This old cabin is located just below the twin knolls.  Could this be an old cabin used by Caleb as he visited the mines in this area?
     Image courtesy of "a friend"

The area is private property, and yes... the Indians are watching.


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