Gale Rhoades

Gale spent several winters planning and writing his last book "Lost Gold of the Uintah". The summers were spent in his relentless search for the lost gold. Gale was involved in the excavation of an old mine on Hoyt Peak.  He was to meet the Publisher at the end of September 1988 to begin final preparation for publication of his book.  However Gale telephoned the Publisher on September 20th to say he needed another week on Hoyt Peak to finish his project. Gale Rhoades passed away from a sudden heart attack September 27, 1988 on Hoyt Peak, in the mountains he so dearly loved. Gale knew his time was short as he prepared this book so the legends of the Rhoades family might be pursued by others. THE REST OF THE STORY is the information Gale held back from prior publications and includes 40 years of his lifes pursuit.


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