George Thompson

George Thompson was the author of the four books listed below.  He spent much of his life in search of hidden treasures in Utah.  He passed away in a car accident as opposed to some speculation that he was killed while prospecting. Below is the article form the Deseret news of his death.

Deseret news: may 4, 1995 

An accident on I-80 claimed the lives of a mother and son Wednesday afternoon.
Killed were: George Thompson, 65, Heber. Bessie Thompson, in her 90s, also of Heber.
The Thompsons were struck by an eastbound car near I-80 and 1700 East about 2:10 p.m. after crossing the freeway median, according to Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Kathy Slagowski.
"The victims were originally traveling west on I-80, then apparently turned through the divider to go east. They were then hit by the oncoming car" said Slagowski.
Bessie Thompson died at the scene after being ejected from the Jeep Cherokee, said Slagowski. George Thompson was taken to LDS Hospital where he died a short time later.
The 18-year-old driver of the eastbound car was treated at the accident scene for minor injuries and released.
Investigators said the victims were not wearing seat belts. 

Faded Footprints
The Lost Rhoads Mines And Other Treasure Tales of the Uinta Mountains Killer Mountains

This fascinating and long-awaited book tells the real story of the lost Rhoads gold mine as well as tales of many other lost and forgotten mines and treasures in Utah's "killer" mountains, mountains where many prospectors and treasure hunters have met untimely and mysterious deaths. Published for the first time ever are drawings of old treasure hunters' maps and other information gathered in decades of research and searching. In this book can be found information that Footprints in the Wilderness, the book many use in their search for the lost Rhoads mine, does not contain. Faded Footprints now amplifies and clarifies much of that earlier book. This book is a must for every treasure hunter's bookshelf, as well as being a rich treasure trove of information for all those interested in Utah history and mining.

Some Dreams Die
Utah's Ghost Towns and Lost Treasures

Some Dreams Die is the most comprehensive guide to Utah's ghost towns ever assembled. In the course of his research the author visited the sites of over four hundred deserted communities and probed their unique histories. Each town is carefully described and located, making it simple for the reader to retrace the author's steps and visit these monuments to perseverance, gumption, faith, greed, and foolishness. 120 photographs and 12 detailed regional maps make it the most useful book of its kind.

Throw Down The Box!
Treasure Tales From Gilmer and Salisbury, The Western Stagecoach King

This is the story of Gilmer & Salisbury, giants of western stagecoaching, the company whose stages rolled along more than six thousand miles of road, in every western state. Their main lines, along with dozens of smaller branch lines, served nearly every mining camp, and ranch town in the West, but few today remember Gilmer & Salisbury, for much of their history has been lost or forgotten. Hopefully, this book will recapture part of their colorful and fascinating story.

Treasure Mountain Home
Park City Revisited

This entertaining volume tells the history of Park City, Utah from its first days as a frontier mining camp to its present status as one of America's premier winter-sports havens. Between these two incarnations the famed "treasure chest of the Wasatch" was home to breeds of men and ways of life as extinct today as the mechanical dinosaurs that litter the hillsides around the town, reminding visitors of her origins. How the city survived the vicious cycles of boom and bust, speculation and panic and the Great Depression is recalled, always with an eye to the fascinating characters who propelled her history.


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