Woodland sits just south of Hoyts Peak right along the Upper Provo river. This area sits just inside the old Rhoades land grant, and has many signs of Spanish mining. There are reports of old mines and vertical shafts found back when the area was first settled in 1867.

While hiking up a small canyon just above Woodland we discovered this old mine. The entrance was a tight squeeze, but it opened up nicely inside. Near the back the walls were covered with a thick coating of calcite deposits, indicating that this mine has not been touch in a very long time.
Looking toward the back from just inside.
Further into the mine the drift splits into two.
The ore vein they were following

There are several natural pockets that this mine broke into. They don't go very far, but show the possibility of a natural cavern in this area.

This was carved on a very large quakie in the ravine below the mine. Is it giving directions to another mine in this canyon?
George Thompson (author of "Faded Footprints") is famous for carving his name into trees in areas he explored. You will likely never see his real name carved since he always used the alias of Tom Thompson.


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