Santaquin Canyon

Santaquin Canyon is one of my all time favorite places to explore. It is extremely rugged and has a lot of Spanish and Indian history within its walls. There are some good pictures on Dale's site of the Indian writings in the canyon.

Grandpas Cave
This is Grandpa's cave located West of Santaquin. It was a natural cavern, but was dug into by a mine and collapsed.

This is the entrance to the mine.

This is the back of the tunnel where the natural skylight is. This room is nearly 30 feet tall and 40 feet wide. We were unable to tell if this was a natural room that they broke into, or if it was completely man made. There were signs that this cave could have continued on from this point, but with the heavy excavating, any chances have been long since destroyed.

Looking back out toward the entrance.

Stone Staircase Mine
We found this natural cave a few years before the fire burnt most of Santaquin mountain (I don't recall the year). Its a fairly tight squeeze in, but opens up to a round pit about 12 feet in diameter. Our first time there it was only 10 or 15 feet down from the entrance to the dirt floor. We began digging it out and were very surprised that the dirt was very light and uncompacted. About 3 or 4 feet down we would hit a layer of rock, then another layer of dirt about 3 or 4 feet deep to another layer of rock. As we continued down, what seemed to be a circular staircase appeared to be going around the edge of the shaft. As we got down about 15' there was a large boulder in the way and we could not continue any farther. The following year the mountain burnt right down to these ledges. It appears that one of the firefighters digging trenches along the cliff found it and somehow removed the large boulder and excavated it completely. We returned to find our cave empty and now we will never know if anything was uncovered at the bottom.

The circular staircase leading down into the cave, but blocked by the large boulder in the top left corner of the picture.

Looking up at the open ceiling.

The cave ended in this small hole just a few feet wide.

Looking back up at the entrance.

This mine is visible from the main road up the canyon and is at river level. I was surprised at how far back it went with no visible tailing's around.

This one is just above the gravel pit. It was quite extensive and had several different passages.

Around the corner from the pit. This has a large steel gate and is extremely dangerous. There have been several cave-ins, and more could come down at any time.

Another mine above the gravel pit.


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