Kolob Basin Treasure
In the late 1800's Johnston’s army came to Springville Utah looking for polygamists, some of the teenage boys got into trouble with some of Johnston’s men. Their parents fearing for their lives sent them to Kolob Basin to live until Johnston’s army left town. Having nothing but time on there hands the boys did a lot of exploring, and found a large treasure, as was recorded into the diaries of some of the boys families. In the 1960's two idiots got a hold of these diaries and went up this canyon to see if they could find some more treasure. They found a bunch of Spanish markings and monuments; they destroyed them so that no one else would find them, but were unable to find anymore treasure.

Map courtesy of Dale Bascom

The entrance to the cave was discovered by an acquaintance of ours who was shown where it was by his Native American ancestors in a dream. He removed a large boulder from the entrance and partially explored the cave. We on the other hand were able to squeeze into every nook and cranny and fully explore this one. Doesn't go to far, about 190' down, but it does have some beautiful formations.
Another passage to explore, but with all the delicate formations at its opening, it is better not to try.
It is a steep 45 degree incline to reach the bottom.

Gold Bar Cave
In the early 1980’s two boys climbing around in a cave located at the top of a steep chute near the mouth of the canyon (which I believe to be this cave) found a gold bar in what they call the chimney in the cave.  We explored the chimney but it appears the boys got the last one.

Indian Paint Cave
Indian Paint is one of my favorite caves because of the location and approach to it. There are several Indian writings around its entrance, and has a great view of the valley.
I thought it was interesting that you have to pass under the boulder that appears to be holding up the cliff to access the cave.
Inside the large 10' opening is a small 3' opening behind a boulder. You could completely miss it if you didn't look closely enough.
The tunnel extends back about 40' to a where it is filled in. The crawl is a long painful one since it is shoulder width and only a foot and a half high.

Some Indian writings we found above the portal of the cave.

Old Mine
While up for a late winter hike, I spotted a strange discoloration on the hill across from me. I thought, "that has to be a tailing pile".
On full zoom I was unable to tell if it was more than just an outcropping so closer inspection was needed.
I found a small opening behind the trees, and climbed in.
Just inside I found several small bones and fresh cougar droppings. I was suddenly thinking that I probably should not have crawled into this mine by myself.
The tunnel opened up quite large and made its way back into the hillside about 75 feet before coming to an end. There were no visible veins and it was an interesting orange rock to be digging a large tunnel through.


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