Sagebrush Flat
Sagebrush Flat is a large open area behind Mahogany Mountain that the Indians would use as a summer retreat from the valley heat. There are many things to find here if you get out and look.

This is Sagebrush Flat Cave. I was caved in by a backhoe operator who was trying to open it up larger. A few attempts have been made to re-open it, but no one has been successful yet.
You can still feel a little bit of cold air coming through the rocks indicating that the entrance is not too far beneath.

This area used to have many Indian writings on the rocks around the cave entrance, but all of them have been taken now. This appears to be some old chizzeling, but not very distinct. The same type of chizzeled writings are found in Provo Canyon as well.

I found this old prospect at the back of the old Indian Corral. How do I know it was an Indian Corral......

Ridgeline Gold Mine

There are a few old mines on Grove Creek, but the interesting one comes from a story about an old Pleasant Grove resident who would work a gold mine high up on the foothills overlooking his home. He would leave by himself and his two burros and return with saddle bags filled with ore. He would never disclose the location, not even to his close friends. One day the two burros returned from the mountain alone and the old man was never seen again. On our attempt to relocate the mine we found several interesting holes, but no gold. Maybe next trip.
This old tunnel is down very low and nearby the water tank.
The rest of these are all natural and didn't go very far, but made for an interesting day.
This one actually had some small stalagtites inside.
Another dead end hole.

Onyx Cave/ Mine
This is an old mine that ran into a natural cavern about 30 feet back. From there you can take an upper or lower chute. The upper is the decorated and more interesting side. No gear is needed for this one, but some climbing skills are helpful.

The Great Deep
This is one of Utahs many forgoten caves. Even with its close proximity to Pleasant Grove it does not appear that anyone has been in here for several years. The Great Deep is located at the bottom of a muddy sink hole, and as can be expected is very muddy inside. The cave is almost completely vertical and is about 150 feet deep. There are several passages to explore and makes for a good, tiring adventure.


Anonymous said...

I have a picture of an aspen in Rock Creek I would like to share. It has Spanish writing I believe.

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