12 Mile Pass

12 Mile Pass has what some believe to be an old Spanish mine within its walls.  Hopefully you can read the text from this old article.  I found it to be pretty intriguing.

Looking across 12 mile pass from near the mouth of an old mine.
There are only a few mine tailings visible in this canyon.  We found this mine directly below a natural cavern located in the cliffs of the canyon.  Could this be the mine described in the story above.

The Mine was completely collapsed or filled in, but there is a lot of mineralization in the tailing pile that kept our attention for a while. 
Here is a close up of some of the rocks in the tailing pile.
The cave above the mine split in two directions right at the entry, but unfortunately it did not go more than seven or eight feet in either direction.  


Anonymous said...

I checked it out and there was a small spot to slide through. It's definitely got a strong odor to it and lots of droppings. It opens to a larger natural room and there appears to be the beginning of a tunnel towards the back. It's definitely got some very interesting mineral deposits.

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